Every year the question may arise, "Are we going to get family photos done this year?'

The answer should always be YES!

I invite you all to spend an evening with me capturing those closest to you. I offer Family sessions in multiple locations around St. Francois County and I'm always open to travel. All of my sessions are candid and led by prompting. I don't necessarily "pose" you like traditional photography because my goal is to capture your family the way you are and the way you will remember. I want to capture the goofy, playful, energetic bond between siblings. I want to capture the raw emotion between a husband and wife. I want to capture those moments of laughter and happy tears: moments of joy and happiness. I believe that those are the moments that you will remember the most. I know as a parent of two littles, I will remember the tickle fights, the tight hugs, and the Eskimo kisses. THAT is what I want to have frozen in time. Those will be moments that I'll look back on and wish I could go back to once my children have grown up. 


 I prepare my families with a preparation guide that will help them determine a wardrobe for the entire family. Like all sessions with me, booked clients are welcome to choose any items from my client's closet to wear during their session if they'd like. 

All of my family sessions take place outdoors one hour before sunset, so the time may vary. Especially during an overcast evening, those sessions typically begin sooner. This hour is what us photographers call "Golden Hour". It is when the sun is low enough to not give off a harsh light that blinds us and give us crazy highlights. The light is warm and gives the photos a beautiful warm glow. 


If you are ready to make that jump or have more questions about my family session collections, connect with me by clicking the "Connect" tab at the top of this page and filling out the simple form at the bottom. Talk to you soon!


xoxo -Emmalee