Smashes and Splashes!

I take great pride in my CakeSMASH and Splash Sessions! No two sets that I create are the same, even if they are the same theme. When a client inquires about a CakeSMASH and Splash session with me, the things I like to know first are when is the birthday and what theme or color scheme would you like!


The theme or scheme is just the spark that fuels my creativity. My gears start turning and the ideas flood my head. I shuffle through the many options I'll have for props and decor. How many of this and how much of that. What type of cake will I order? Once I have settled on a set that I've pieced together, I set out to find all the perfect pieces that make my vision come to life.


I am always open to new themes and ideas. I also have a "CakeSMASH Bucket List" that all clients are welcome to choose from. If you choose a theme on the bucket list, you automatically receive an additional 5 images to your gallery for FREE!


Documenting your little's childhood is so important. They only turn ONE once. Their first birthday is and should be important--celebrate it the right way!


I'm there every step of the way! You provide the baby and I provide everything else: the decor and props, the cake*, and the outfit*! All parents are updated along the planning process and are never left out. Almost all of my parents LOVE the Splash Bath at the end of these sessions for two reasons: the kids typically love to splash water everywhere, which is okay because I clean up everything, and because the kids love the bubbles. This usually results in LOADS of smiles and laughter which makes the best photos! 


When you show up to the studio, you shouldn't have to have that rush of anxiety that any parent would normally have. I cover the session from start to finish: you should never have to question yourself, "did I get everything?". My goal is to take as much stress off my families as I can because if Momma is stressed, EVERYONE is stressed!

If you've got this far and are pumped about the endless possibilities we can create together for your little's first birthday, click the "Connect" tab at he top of the page and fill out the simple form at the bottom! I can't wait to see the awesomeness we bring to life!

xoxo- Emmalee

*Safety is my number one priority, this includes allergies. I will provide the cake as long as there are no allergies. If your child has any allergies to dairy, food dyes, etc. you will be responsible for ordering and providing the cake for the session.

*I do offer my clients full access to my client closet. You are welcome to choose an outfit that I already have or we can talk about ordering something to add to my closet or you can bring your own outfit as long as I have approved it. 

*The Splash portion of the session is always done with recommended safe water temperature for children and Johnson & Johnson baby soap. For the littles who have sensitive skin, parents are responsible for bringing their own soap for bubbles.