Hello There, Emma Here!

Hey there! As you've learned, my name is Emmalee. I am a mother to two wonderful children, Zane and Zoey. My better half is Devan and without him, my world probably wouldn't run so smoothly, haha.


After I had my daughter in November of 2018, I decided I needed something to do in my free time. That is when I started focusing on photography. Before too long, my hobby became a passion and I began the journey of running a photography business. I focused all my energy on learning my camera, other equipment, the safety of children, and finding my nitch. Once I opened my studio in March of 2019, things really began to take off. I've had the opportunity to learn and grow with each session, workshop, and convention I've been able to attend. One year after starting up, Devan and I bought a house and renovated the garage into a studio space. It ended up being more than I ever imagined! (I can't wait for you to come to meet me and see the space!)


My goal for this business is to provide my clientele with high-quality images that they will be able to showcase throughout their homes and share with their loved ones. I want to build a relationship with my clients, not just shoot their sessions. I want everyone to feel welcomed and have an experience worth remembering. In the end, I promise to put my endless effort into making unique artwork that each client will love and cherish. 


Photography is not just a hobby that I do on the side, it is the flame that sparks my creativity and a passion I did not know that I had. It is my business and my livelihood. 

I have two Golden Retrievers, Rosco and Marlee. 

I have one cat, Quincy.

I love Mexican food.

Orange is my favorite color.

I'm a huge fan of true crime.

Love all things Murder Mystery.

Forever a night owl.

All music is my music.

Big kid at heart.

I want to be on The Next Great Baker.

Snickers are the only good candy bars.

Deathly afraid of heights.

Love to fly.

Dad jokes are the key to my heart.

Basically, a giant dork.

I'll never turn down a good challenge.


Contact Me

1302 KREI Blvd, Farmington, Mo 63640

Phone: 3148659030

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