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It's not to often you get an inquiry for a Family of 9; children aging from toddlers to teens. You could say the task was intimidating but definitely not anything I could say no to.

Tara, the mother, reached out to me this past summer inquiring about a family session for this fall and it ended up being one of my favorite family sessions to date. I spoke with her about a week before the session to go over some final details narrow down a location that would fit her feel. I hadn't shot a family of this size in a while and my usual spots weren't quite... "Johnson" enough. I went scouting for a new or different location that would suit this beautiful family well and then Tara mentioned St. Joe Park here in St. Francois County. A specific place; Blankshire Trailhead, found a handful of miles off the main road. The location, the colors, and the family was the perfect combo!

Can you see the beauty? Not many words can describe the bond this family has. Each member unique in their own way but prefect for each other. Having a big family was a dream for Tara and Brad. They both grew up in big families so what would be life without a big one of their own!

The whole family has an unbreakable bond that can be felt by their presence alone. I'm 100% sure I had a smile on my face the ENTIRE session. The greatest part of this session, besides capturing them as a whole, was being able to document the love Mom and Dad have for each other. It truly radiates off of them! The smiles, the laughter, and the glow. As if they were straight out of 'The Notebook'. <3

They are a great example of #relationshipgoals and many would agree! A real life love story.

It was such an honor to capture this family and they reminded me that family is family. No matter how big or small. You get one chance in life to set a foundation and build up; you get to choose how many stories you have. This may have been my first session with Tara, Brad and the kids, but I know it won't be the last!

Each session of mine has a special place in my heart and these 9 individuals may take up two.

Big Family: Big Love

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